Create the Ultimate Go-to Social Media Plan with Brightpod

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Far too often we simply fall into things, and if you work in the content marketing side, ad hoc is almost a way of life for you.

But somehow, we all try to bring in structure and system of sorts in as many things as possible while at work – whether it has to do with a weekly campaign meeting or a digital strategy discussion. After all, putting things down on a sheet of paper or an excel sheet is often just the thing you need when it comes to chasing goals. Continue reading

3 Tips for Nailing Social Media Design Strategy

social media design strategy

From one social media manager to another, you know this bit is not easy. Everybody out there has spoken so much about social media marketing strategy, but I wish there were advocates for the design folks as well. After all, these are the people who give personality to a brand and make it come alive.

In my profession (did I mention I am a copy ninja?), I am vehemently and almost unceasingly told that content needs to work in tandem with design. Surprisingly I have never heard it the other way around (*makes personal note to ponder over this soon*). Continue reading

Your One-stop Guide to Social Media Marketing for the Holiday Season

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A recent blog post by Offerpop suggested that this year, it is expected that holiday spendings will hit $600 billion mark. And that it is further expected to increase by 8% over the course of the holidays that are just around the corner. That’s a lot of money, but more than that it’s indicative of the fact that people all over the world will be willing to spend, and spend well this holiday season.

So, if there was ever a time to make an impression it is now. Retailers all over the world are gearing up put their best foot forward as the holidays approach, and they are leveraging social media to really push their cause. This is chiefly because social media is one channel that can help increase a brand’s reach meaningfully, build some serious social awareness about the various promotional offers, and do so at literally a third of the price that a conventional media outlet would demand.

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