The Google Pixel and Google Assistant- What They Mean for Mobile SEO

Google’s new flagship phone, the Google Pixel, has been on the market for several months and received nothing but rave reviews from journalists.

Spearheading the Pixel’s excellent launch is Google’s new voice platform, Google assistant. We’re coming to understand is that it’s Google assistant, and less the Pixel, that’s really disrupting the mobile market.

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The Real Truth How I Increased Blog Traffic Rapidly!

Increase your blog taffic

Just after the office meeting, I realized there had to be something which needed to be done for increasing blog traffic. This New Year, the resolution is to find the best ways to generate blog traffic fast. After publishing a blog, it’s expected to have lots of shares and comments pouring in, but this did not happen for us. Competing with several other blog posts, it was actually a headache for the mangers to find out ways on how to increase blog traffic fast. Nevertheless, my team and I have done a deep thinking and come out with a few tactics which go a long way in increasing blog traffic significantly. Let’s get started with the practical and useful ideas, which are tried and tested by our team, thus have worked wonders for increasing our blog traffic.

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What is the Relationship between Inbound Marketing & SEO?


If you are in the marketing business you will already know how fast-paced it can be, and over the last few years it has been a rollercoaster ride in the SEO world alone. The biggest part of marketing is adapting to new ideas and conforming to best practices, and the only way you are going to improve yourself, and become the best there is, is simply to stay on top of current trends and patterns so you can act first.

Inbound marketing is a broad phrase that is made up of many marketing components, but SEO is fast becoming one of its biggest as it adapts to the growing online marketing ecosystem.

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SEO Myth: Using a Subdomain for Your Blog Is Bad for SEO?

Subdomains vs Subfolders

Before I left on my trip earlier this month, I came across an article on how it is better to host your blog on a subfolder (e.g. on your site rather than a subdomain. We host this blog on a subdomain (e.g. so I was curious to know more about how this would impact our search engine results and ranking.

I searched a bit more on this issue and found a ton of posts, forum q&a from 2010 to 2013. These articles argue that with the subdomain method the mighty SEO juice will not get passed up (or flow) to your primary domain which ultimately can be detrimental to your search engine rankings.

I added this to my list of things to look at after my trip.

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