How AI Will Redefine Project Management as We Know It

It’s impressive, and sort of unsettling, to see the extent to which smart machines are taking over so many of the day-to-day jobs across the world. One of the first ‘smart machines’ by the San Francisco-based Momentum Machines was a device that could make grilled-to-order gourmet burgers from scratch without any human intervention at all. Rethink Robotics’ Baxter can learn repetitive assembly line-like tasks quickly and work alongside (and without) humans with no risk of injuring them. And then there is Google, which is powering through thousands of ‘deep learning’ projects that will significantly improve the way we search, discover, and experience the world around us by identifying and making sense of the millions of information patterns.

As intelligent machines begin to march their way into our worlds, outsmarting us along the way, it’s worth expending some thought into what all AI can do for us, our industries, and jobs, and how best we can use it to re-imagine the organizations for the future. Continue reading

A Beginners Guide to Workflow Management Systems

custom workflow management system

Looking for a workflow management system?

Project management is part art and part knack. Thankfully we have distanced ourselves from the obsolete systems of project management which have been rather costly, inefficient, confusing and frankly too cumbersome to deal with all together.

The biggest problem has been the generality of the solution that used to be offered to all through these hardware-bound systems. Continue reading

Building an Active Remote Work Culture with Brightpod

remote team project management tool Here’s why I hate distance.

After college, much of my friend circle moved out to some god forsaken part of India and some managed to scurry to a whole another end of the world. I and three of my best friends are literally located in four corners of the world, and from talking across the desk every time a fly buzzed by we went to talking on hangouts every two weeks or three.

But in the last couple of months, our-grown up selves have come up with a system of sorts (occupational hazard, you see) for syncing our respective schedules for the next hangout session. I am quite proud to say that I have managed to “tech-it” all the way and collaborating schedules is literally a matter of clicking on a shared planner app. Continue reading

Plan a Website Launch Using a Project Management Workflow

Launching a new website can be a harrowing task, especially if you haven’t got your planning strategy in order. In this post, I will be sharing some recommendations for launching a website from planning and project management perspective using Brightpod’s project management workflows.

This should help you in planning and prioritizing activities better, making tasks easily accessible and known, and in consequence launch your website with much less hassle and a lot more clarity.

Step 1: Get organized and automated

Now most website launch projects have multiple participants contributing to the venture. This includes web designers, content writes, illustrators, domain administrators, search engine optimizers, client side/server side coding moguls, graphic designers and so many more (depending on the nature of the said website). Each is a mutually exclusive function but it is as a collective group that they deliver a wholesome experience.

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6 Best Practices to Successfully Manage 60+ Digital Marketing Projects


I love presenting Brightpod to a digital agency founder or his/her digital marketing team. I think giving a demo to a prospective customer is the best way to get into their head and know what they are thinking before you make the sale. What problems do they have and why they need a project management tool for their business. I use a combination of and Skype and do anywhere from 2-6 demos each week.

Most digital marketing teams that I talk to have anywhere from 10-40 client projects and are in a growth stage. Their goal is to scale up as fast as possible. Scaling includes managing more projects with the same team. It takes time to find the right people and train them. However, its easier to win new projects and have your existing team work on them.

Today, I have come up with 6 best practices to help your marketing team manage dozens of projects with a lot of ease, confidence and control.

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