Death to Emails: The Trick to Sending Fewer Emails at Work

email hack for marketers All you marketers – take a minute and ponder over this following scenario.

Being a marketing organization, it is very likely that you send and receive close to 25 emails every day. And very email requires at the very least 5 minutes of your work time – to read, think or/and draft. That’s 75 minutes or about an hour and 15 minutes spent on entertaining basic transactional pieces of information.

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Collaboration Ain’t For Children: 7 Ways To Manage Online Work Efficiently

This is a guest post by Pratik Dholakiya, Director of SEO & VP of Marketing at E2M Solutions.

CollaborationCollaboration is the essence of business: it ties resources together, it allows for shared workflow, and it’s the secret of efficient business processes. If businesses thrive on people resources, it’s the collaborative work environments that actually spin the wheels of fortunes that some businesses amass. The Internet just catapulted may business processes online and that ushers in a new era of business management: Online projects and online resource management.

Is that any different from traditional work management? Does it require a new set of skills? Let’s find out:

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Infographic: The Many Faces of a Marketing Team

Marketing teams are versatile. With so many different people working together on campaigns, marketers have to deal with vastly different planning & collaboration styles.

Imagine this. An average marketing team consists of people handling several functions – social media, SEO, content, SEM, analytics etc. With such a diverse set of skills and tasks, it’s no mean feat keeping everyone on the same page.

So who are these marketers? What are they really like? And most importantly, how do they collaborate?

To answer all these questions, we’ve created a fun infographic to give you a little insight on the many faces of a marketing team and how they collaborate.

Brightpod's Guide to Marketing Collaboration

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