Attention Content Strategists – 8 Smart Moves for 2017

The digital world does not stop. It evolves faster than any other phenomenon we have experienced in our time. And content strategists are as caught up in this evolution as are designers, developers, and other IT professionals. Whether they are employed by a single enterprise or act as content marketing consultants, they live and work in a competitive, rapidly changing whirlwind.

Planning a content strategy, often for a full year at a time, means anticipating the trends that will be hot, so that content delivery methods, places, and frequency will capture the right audiences and meet their demands for information, entertainment and inspiration.

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The Only 2 Things That Matter in Any Marketing Calendar

As a content marketing professional, the first thing you are introduced to in the job is the marketing calendar. Typically an excel sheet of tactical plans pertaining to brand building and promotions, a marketing calendar is the heart and soul of all marketing activities – digital and offline. And if you don’t have a solid one to guide you (or your team’s) efforts it might as well all be a wild goose chase.

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How Marketers Stay Productive: Janessa Lantz of HubSpot

This week we feature, Janessa Lantz, Principal Content Marketing Strategist at HubSpot. HubSpot is a company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that develops and markets software products for inbound marketing.

In this interview, you can read more about her work at HubSpot, favorite marketing tools, productivity tips as well as her advice for budding marketers.

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Here’s How You Should Be Optimizing All Your Brand’s Content

It’s been half a decade since I have been on the content side of marketing, consuming and creating a whole wad of it day in and day out. It’s a challenging field of work. Big wins happen quickly AND fade away quickly. Finding time to adapt and improve is the toughest part of the job, but it’s the one that ensures growth and continued occurrences of these short-lived successes. Continue reading

7 Gaps to Fix Your Content Marketing Strategy


In marketing, you need to plan every single detail of your strategy before actually proceeding to the execution of the plan. But there are always those little things that we did not pay attention to and that seem like a bug in a perfect algorithm that we made.

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