Marketers Take Note: A Sure-Shot Way to Drive Growth Is by Investing in People

One of the things you most frequently pick up at any marketing meetings these days is the term ‘growth’. And for obvious reasons, too.

The need of the hour across most marketing-driven organizations is to start thinking ‘macro’, to aggregate the best revenue generating and brand building ideas from everywhere they pour in, and to build teams that think beyond campaigns and copies.

In my recent stint at a marketing organization, one of that vital tasks that I and the team were signed up for was to help drive the said company’s sustainable growth agenda. And as a team, we realized early on that playing by the conventional rules of the game would not cut it if we really had to tear through the noise in the market. What we also realized was that this was a great opportunity for the lot of us to help map a new way of work for the entire marketing team. Continue reading

The Only 2 Things That Matter in Any Marketing Calendar

As a content marketing professional, the first thing you are introduced to in the job is the marketing calendar. Typically an excel sheet of tactical plans pertaining to brand building and promotions, a marketing calendar is the heart and soul of all marketing activities – digital and offline. And if you don’t have a solid one to guide you (or your team’s) efforts it might as well all be a wild goose chase.

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Work Smart: Agile Workflow for Marketers

agile workflow for marketing


Think about the last time you played a video game.

What really got your pulse racing through the course of its completion?  If I had to take a long shot at this, I’d guess it was all about the rush you got from completing one level after another. It was all about that sense of achievement and taking over the challenge that pushed you deeper into the pursuit. I am sure most of you reading this will agree with my argument.

Now imagine if this very game was set as one long, protracted play with no levels to mark your advancement. Would feel the same kind of excitement and rush playing it? Continue reading

7 Qualities of Highly Effective Agile Marketers

Agile MarketingA lot has been spoken about agile marketing in recent times. Borrowed from the agile development philosophy, agile marketing gives precedence to flexibility and adapting to change rather than sticking to a rigid plan. It also focuses on marketing plans that are like ‘sprints’ which allow marketers to assess their ROI quickly and change track if required.

I believe Agile Marketing is a productive way to approach marketing planning & execution and agile marketers themselves are typically the ones able to pivot and leverage existing trends to improve their campaigns in real-time. So what differentiates agile marketers from traditional marketers?

Here are the 7 qualities of highly effective agile marketers:

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