How to Leverage the Power of Gamification for Your Marketing Needs

A whopping 25,000 likes, 10,000 shares, and 6,000 comments–these figures are evidence of the power of gamification as proven by M&M in their online eye-spy campaign. Right now, gamification is a marketer’s best friend to produce engagement that leads to outstanding results. The added benefits of interactivity and reward make gamified marketing more attention-grabbing and increases customer loyalty vs. static, traditional digital marketing.

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Productivity Hacks: 6 New Routines in 6 Days

The one thought that has kept me at ease these past few months is that I have progressively been grooming myself to make conscious life choices and in general, at that. I am a more thoughtful shopper today, more conscious about my meals, and quite mindful of my impact on the people and the environment around me. But this time around I am looking at ‘scaling’ things up in the year that’s to come – improving what I have tweaked. And that’s all in the good spirit of living a fulfilled and productive life, fairly and honestly speaking.

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How Marketers Stay Productive: Scott Davisson of Rerun

This week we feature, Scott Davisson CEO at Rerun. Rerun is for any business, organization or association that wants to automate their recurring, subscription or membership billing and accept recurring payments via credit card and ACH.

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4 Reasons Why ‘Good Enough’ Is a Good Enough Productivity Tip

I have been a start-up girl for the longest time. I have worked with a whole bunch of dynamic people, those who are always sprinting, always busy and always ‘on’. The lights never go down in most of these offices and there is always a little too much that’s left to be done.

The good thing about a setup like this is that it breeds an active work culture, one with thriving momentum and proactivity. On the hind sight, when the environment gets this busy and things are piling their way to the north, it becomes, if nothing else, challenging to deliver perfect work. Continue reading