The Only 2 Things That Matter in Any Marketing Calendar

As a content marketing professional, the first thing you are introduced to in the job is the marketing calendar. Typically an excel sheet of tactical plans pertaining to brand building and promotions, a marketing calendar is the heart and soul of all marketing activities – digital and offline. And if you don’t have a solid one to guide you (or your team’s) efforts it might as well all be a wild goose chase.

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4 Reasons Why ‘Good Enough’ Is a Good Enough Productivity Tip

I have been a start-up girl for the longest time. I have worked with a whole bunch of dynamic people, those who are always sprinting, always busy and always ‘on’. The lights never go down in most of these offices and there is always a little too much that’s left to be done.

The good thing about a setup like this is that it breeds an active work culture, one with thriving momentum and proactivity. On the hind sight, when the environment gets this busy and things are piling their way to the north, it becomes, if nothing else, challenging to deliver perfect work. Continue reading

3 Keys to Identifying and Fixing Inefficient Marketing Processes

Hardwork Completing work progress. Detailed Vector

Our marketing strategies are in place to drive our businesses forward, but what happens if they’re not working as efficiently as we had hoped? Simply having marketing processes in place is not enough. If they’re not pulling in new business or attracting new attention, then you will want to reevaluate your marketing strategies.

But how do you know if your marketing processes are inefficient? Here are 3 key tips for evaluating your current marketing strategies, determining what is not working the way you want, and what you should do to create a more efficient process.

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