Ticket Deflection 101: How a Knowledge Base Will Save You Money

Many companies have user software, whether it is a game or useful application, as their end product. Ticket submission is an effective solution to keep in touch with your users and work on your software improvements. But what happens when your support team gets overflooded with tickets from your customers? Hiring more employees for your support team will raise support costs and overall company’s costs. Continue reading

7 Best-Ever Productivity Tips to Start 2017 on the Right Track

It’s that time of the year when we are looking back at all that we’ve done, achieved, and managed to make better in the year that just went by. And while the year wasn’t quite the breeze we’d (naively) hoped it would be, we find ourselves feeling positive and more prepared to take on all that 2017 has to offer.

Among the many things we worked on and gave a thought to, one was the subject matter of productivity. How could we size it up in 2017? In what ways can we make all that we know about productivity more relevant for 2017? What are the innovative productivity tips and tricks for the year to come? What’s going to help us work smarter and more mindfully this year?

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‘tis the Season for Holiday Marketing!

smileysnowman-768212Working on your 2016 holiday marketing campaigns? Well, it’s about time anyway.

It’s that time of the year when every marketing calendar in every company across this world is being colored red, white and green for the biggest retail season of the year. And if you haven’t uncapped your sharpies just yet, well, it’s about time you do and get your calendars going!

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How Social Media Can Boost Your Productivity

Surfing the web and browsing your social media feed has earned a reputation for wasting time and costing employers money. There is another side to social media, and when used correctly, the use of social media accounts can actually increase productivity, instead of draining it. Whether you engage employees on public sites such as Facebook or Twitter, or if you are using an internal social media system, you should make use of the new ways that social media accounts can change the way we work and do business.

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