How One Day of Using 5 Productivity Hacks Changed My Routine for Good

productivity tips and productivity hacksGiven I work with a pro-productivity and pro-smart work organization that is Brightpod, it is (now) second nature to me to look for ways to improve the way I work. And for a while I have been spending a good chunk of time, every few weeks, looking for exciting new productivity hacks and productivity tips and tricks for the new age professionals. You’d surprised how much the internet spoils you for choice with all the cool tools and apps! Continue reading

Productivity Conundrum: “Am I Failing Because I Cannot Prioritize?”

how to organize priorities for improved productivity It was a regular Friday night in the winter of 2015. I was wrapping up my day’s work when my superior called me into a meeting room for a “quick chat”. After I seated myself down and pleasantries were exchanged, he, in a very polite manner, made a remark about how some of my work is lacking quality effort and that I have been ‘struggling’ with organizing priorities and delivering things on time. I was surprised at this sudden spotlighting but, truth be told, I knew it was not unwarranted of him to bring this up. Continue reading

Do You Feel Chronically Unproductive?

productivity toolsI remember my first day at a full-time desk job. It was with a young startup of 15 odd people. And my first week on the job was spent trying to figure out how to work the coffee machine and navigating tabs on multiple excel sheets. There were a lot of excel sheets. Google sheets actually. Gmail was the tool de jour here, I realized, being used to its full potential for just about everything – to talk, to create projects, track projects, video chat, raise SOPs, MOUs – you name it. And this continued for a good eight months before I started sending that my productivity hadn’t really improved. Continue reading