Tactics Marketing Agencies Can Use to Make Client Testimonials More Persuasive

Client testimonials are quickly becoming the number one tool for building the credibility of a brand.

It’s not a secret that 88 percent of buyers trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation. Almost 39 percent of people report going through online reviews on a regular basis and 85 percent of buyers report that they read up to 10 reviews before making a purchasing decision.

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Things to Know About Working With a Content Writer

Today’s world is extremely well connected. You could be sat at home and in a matter of seconds be chatting to someone online, in full High Definition, who’s sat 5000 miles away.

It is crazy, isn’t it?

But, surely in this super-connected world, there must be ways businesses can benefit from this connectivity? Surely this kind of technology has opened up new ideas and services that would have otherwise been impossible?

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The Skills to Build Social Media Influence & How You Can Acquire Them

Influence is valuable as a social currency, on social media and off. More business are on social networks now than ever, and social users have begun to see through marketing tactics and attempts at promotion. As a result, individuals with influence over specific communities or “influencers” have become popular among brands and marketers, as means to overcome that hurdle.

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Marketers Take Note: A Sure-Shot Way to Drive Growth Is by Investing in People

One of the things you most frequently pick up at any marketing meetings these days is the term ‘growth’. And for obvious reasons, too.

The need of the hour across most marketing-driven organizations is to start thinking ‘macro’, to aggregate the best revenue generating and brand building ideas from everywhere they pour in, and to build teams that think beyond campaigns and copies.

In my recent stint at a marketing organization, one of that vital tasks that I and the team were signed up for was to help drive the said company’s sustainable growth agenda. And as a team, we realized early on that playing by the conventional rules of the game would not cut it if we really had to tear through the noise in the market. What we also realized was that this was a great opportunity for the lot of us to help map a new way of work for the entire marketing team. Continue reading

Emails That Work: Here’s How You Make Email Marketing Holistic

Since the dawn of email marketing, its core purpose has remained the same – to send the right kind of content, to the right people and at the right time. Thanks to all the many years of tech developments and sophistications, most notably the smart data mining technologies, we have managed to map the ‘right people’ and the ‘right time’ for all our marketing communications, including email marketing.

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