How One Day of Using 5 Productivity Hacks Changed My Routine for Good

productivity tips and productivity hacksGiven I work with a pro-productivity and pro-smart work organization that is Brightpod, it is (now) second nature to me to look for ways to improve the way I work. And for a while I have been spending a good chunk of time, every few weeks, looking for exciting new productivity hacks and productivity tips and tricks for the new age professionals. You’d surprised how much the internet spoils you for choice with all the cool tools and apps! Continue reading

How Marketers Stay Productive: Scott Rogerson of Upcontent



This week we feature, Scott Rogerson CEO at Upcontent. Upcontent is a content marketing managed services company that exists to power conversations between clients and their target audiences.

In this interview, you can read more about his work at Upcontent, favorite marketing tools, productivity tips as well as his advice for budding marketers. Continue reading

Here’s How You Should Be Rewarding Your Best Teams

team incentives for high performing teamsOver the years, numerous studies have been conducted to understand and identify the best rewards for top performing people. Articles have been dedicated to serving companies identify how they can keep their best talent motivated, and help them become more productive at their jobs. Fewer studies, however, have dealt with the subject of team rewards and how a company can recognize and shore up the efforts of a group of individuals instead of just one. Continue reading