Future of Work: Why Working from Home is More Efficient

Meeta Sharma
October 21st, 2014 // Productivity

14501420347_64b03119a9_oIn a recently published article by Fast Company, a noteworthy finding related to the American workforce has been highlighted. The story has focused on the significant rise in number of freelancers and work from home employees, and how they are changing the way organizations function. What is even more worthwhile to note is that the stigma associated with the ‘work from home’ class of people as being useless and underpaid is slowly fading away. And with this, a new breed of independent workers is seemingly emerging, and rather consciously too.

This was quite a refreshing read for a freelancer like me. Not because I was happy to receive the empathy for my kind (which was much appreciated, I must say) but because this feature has highlighted two highly underrated things. One, that modern work ecosystems have become flexible enough to accommodate a lot many independent entities over fixed ones.  And two, that working from home is seemingly and scientifically a good way to work.

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Starting a Digital Agency? Here are Top 7 Tips for Getting Started

Meeta Sharma

I am a pseudo-entrepreneur, which means that I have entrepreneurial characteristics without a venture to call my own. But I like to think that I extend my entrepreneurial characteristics into every single piece of work that I do, including writing this particular blog post. I own up to my work, feel responsible for it, feel satisfied when done well and can feel inspired enough to wake up another day to do a fantastic job yet again.

But then there are the ‘real’ entrepreneurs, the ones with an enterprise and a relative liability thereof. And while they work no differently than I do there are ways in which we differ (quiet obviously). I have been around plenty of start-ups (digital, mainly) to understand what it means to run a full-fledged venture and how increasingly effort-intensive the journey can be. Particularly in the case of a digital agency I have seen stress levels soar to Everest and one still had to make the effort to climb the incline.

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How Startup Marketers Stay Productive: Phil Haslehurst of Decibel Insight

Sahil Parikh

Decibel Insight

This week we feature Phil Haslehurst, Marketing Manager at Decibel Insight . Decibel Insight is a lead insight tool designed for webmasters to gather intelligent data from analytics.

In this interview, you can read more about his work at Decibel Insight, favorite marketing tools, productivity tips as well as his advice for budding startup marketers.

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