6 Awesome Quora Questions on Improving Personal Productivity

Meeta Sharma
December 18th, 2014 // Productivity, Work Smart

DeathtoStock_Wired7 We love doing this series. And for good reason too.

Quora has emerged as one of those platforms that allow for ‘openly sharing information and experiences’ in such an easy, fun and engaging way. It reaches out to every geography, culture, and race because of which you get to touch bases with so many different worldviews and perspectives. (I guess they are really living up to their mantra – Your Best Source for Knowledge.)

An avid Quora devotee myself, I frequent this social page quite a lot. And one of my absolute favorite topics to follow is about ‘personal productivity’.

Productivity is a dynamic concept, and everyone has their own unique ways of building efficiency in what they do. No two people follow the same routine or similar planners and apps, and so it’s interesting to engage with this topic in order to seek varied inspirations for garnishing your own productivity principles.

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Morning Productivity: How Successful Entrepreneurs Get a Productive Start to Their Day

Meeta Sharma
December 16th, 2014 // Productivity
early start to the day

Image: Flickr

Ask any entrepreneur, and you are guaranteed to stumble upon an exciting tidbit on how they kick start their day.  Now these anecdotes may not be the most fascinating ones to consume, but they surely are worth paying attention to. After all these guys did not get to where they are today but by procrastinating or pushing things till the very brink of emergency.

Productivity is never an accident. Choosing to be a productive individual is a conscious decision – a will to do better with the time that someone has. It’s an outcome that often arises from a deep rooted commitment to excellence, good planning and discipline, and I am not just making this up. Continue reading

How Marketers Stay Productive: Cezar Floroiu of Skillmeter

Himali Girkar


This week we feature Cezar Floroiu, founder at Skillmeter. Skillmeter is a testing platform that is simple, fast and intuitive. You can create tests, assign them to your candidates and receive the results instantly. The tests can be timed, scored, with multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank answers.

In this interview, you can read more about his work at Skillmeter, favorite marketing tools, productivity tips as well as his advice for budding marketers.

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Great Marketing Results from Great Storytelling

Meeta Sharma

13467178765_787f7975dd_oI have a habit of curating things I enjoy reading. And one post I recently re-discovered was a short one written by Seth Godin – the marketing guru himself – back in 2012. Here’s the thing about his posts – Seth Godin writes timeless pieces. And this particular post that I happened to revisit reminded of something that I had forgotten myself.

In this post, Seth makes one very compelling statement – Marketing is Storytelling.

Think about it. Isn’t marketing precisely that?

One can think of a ‘brand’ as a set of qualities, while marketing is simply an act of selling those qualities through a well-penned story. It’s so much more than just talking about features, advantages and benefits of the brand. If you think about it, marketing has always been about appealing to the limbic brain that recognizes feelings and emotions. Because, if it doesn’t trigger any feelings, it doesn’t inspire action.

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