How a Conversation with a Customer Sparked 2 New Features: Me Page + Work Priority List

Sahil Parikh
April 22nd, 2014 // New Features


Today, we have revamped the Attention page into the all new Me page (with pretty pie charts). The Me page will display:

  • All Tasks by a person across all his/her pods.
  • Work Priority List: Prioritize a team member’s tasks across pods.
  • All tasks delegated by this person.
  • All conversations this person has participated in.
  • All files this person has uploaded across pods
  • All time this person has added.
  • A list of Pods this person is a part of.

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7 File Sharing Services for the Modern Marketer

Daniel Tay
April 8th, 2014 // Productivity, Software

In our ever-connected world, online file-sharing services are essential for any business to operate on a global scale. Sure, email works too, but as it turns out, most have size limits that constrain (and confound) you at every turn.



For example, Gmail has an attachment size limit of a paltry 25MB, which might be fine for sending a photo or two, but certainly not big items such as movies or Photoshop files. Thumb drives are extraordinarily big in capacity these days (1TB, anyone?), but it’s hardly practical to Fedex a thumb drive to an employee or client on the other side of the world.

Simply put, your company’s file distribution system lives and dies with online file-sharing services. To help you, we’ve pulled together 7 of the best file-sharing services online that you can use right away.

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20 Important Hacks to Help You Work Efficiently and Smarter

Daniel Tay
April 1st, 2014 // Productivity


Let’s be honest –there are no real hacks that will send your productivity levels sky-rocketing in a blink of an eye. However, these tips might give you just the right lifestyle tweaks that can, in time, bump up your output to input ratio. Here are 20 important hacks that, with consistent practice, will help you to work more efficiently and smarter.

1. Get off social media

Establish a ‘No Twitter/Facebook/Instagram’ zone by switching off mobile phones or working away from your laptop. Whether you are studying for an exam, filling out paperwork or vacuuming the house, you’ll get more done when you are not constantly refreshing your newsfeed.

2. Don’t multitask

This applies not only to social media or networking sites; avoid trying to get too much done at once. You’ll get more done writing each report at a time, instead of three at a time.

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